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Ecstacy commenced business 20 years ago. We import and distribute a wide range of eco-friendly disposable products made of paper, plastic, aluminium, foam, wood and sugarcane bagasse providing a one-stop solution to the food and drinks industry.

We Deal With A Diverse range of Quality Products!

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Not plastic: made of sugarcane




Through innovation, in conjuction with local manufactures and overseas suppliers which whom we have long term patnerships, we continue to serve new and developing market needs.

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Wow Nature’s Friend: Biodegradable/Recycleable/Natural /Sustainable/
Innovative/Practical/Cost Effective/Quality Products & Quality Service

To complement the above range, we also offer the following accessories:
Sachets (Sugar, Salt, and Pepper), Gloves, Serviettes, Aluminium Foil, Cling Film, and Mesh to name a few. We also produce branded products for clients like La Dolce Vita, Ketepa, Pomodoro, Connect Coffee to name a few.

Supermarket chains, the independent retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, food courts , take away places, wholesalers, institutions, facility management providers and end users are the various outlets we serve.

It is Ecstacy Ltd policy to ensure that business is conducted in a safe environment with regard to ethical and social welfare respecting all parties


The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has made major milestones in the management of the environment. One of the pillars of its fourth strategic plan 2019-2024, is the green economy for sustainable development. This is where Ecstacy Ltd comes in with its introduction of environmentally friendly products namely:
Sugarcane BagasseBiodegradable Tableware
Environmentally Friendly Paper Containers
Paper Straws
CPLA Cutlery

KEBS Verified

All our imported goods are tested and inspected at the country of origin ensuring goods meet the standards laid down by KEBS. In turn consumers of these products benefit from quality in terms of being food and beverage safe

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