Any information collected from the website from the account creation part, is singularly for enabling the client to share the need they need Ecstacy Limited to solve in matters supply and equally facilitate repeat customer process and identification.

  1. Information details

The details include, your name, billing address and email account with phone number.

All the information stored is also shared with you, on account activation. Should there be any part of that data that you consider sensitive, please alert us for to enable you to consider recreation of user account without that data.

  1. Data collection and use of Cookies

The system/website, uses the browser capability to identify the devices that were used to view and order. Part of this information will form part of stored data together with your account details.

  1. Automatic Communication

Every interaction where you share your information from a cart and quotation request, you shall receive a confirmation email that clearly shows and confirms the details you shared with us.

  1. Update of information

Ecstacy Limited, has the sole right to update the information on the site, where there is any group or person that upgrades the site through act of cyber interference, Ecstacy Limited takes no responsibility, and in return will report and corporate with necessary authority to facilitate quick reinstatement if the actual site content.

  1. Products details

Ecstacy Limited does not extend any warranty on any products that the website represents, unless clearly set out from the product terms and condition of use from the manufacturer.


The site is owned by Ecstacy Limited for the sole purpose of educating, promoting and business operations for Ecstacy Limited.

Users are responsible for all the activities that happen on their account at all times.

Users must provide accurate, complete information when setting up the user account

The users agree that they will not spam, share viruses, junk emails or chain letters.

The responsibility of user account management and security for the account is the sole responsibility of the user at all times

All the users of the site agree and abide with the set terms and policy thereof, any user with reservations has the option to opt out of site at will.

The products and services shared on the site, are fully verifiable from quality and origin source on request.

All information on the site “as is”, “where is” terms apply, all the feedback shared either via requests, click on a link is solely for the purpose outlined on the business use for the website.

The usage of the site has reference to age 18years as recognized by law, or under supervision of a guardian, with the implication that all the decisions on any transaction is with full disclosure and sober mind.

Ecstacy Limited products will be displayed and made available on the website, incase either by implying or physical variance, the actual product from the stores will be the actual representation of the product.

All liability realized through the misinterpretation for the products on the website are null and no warranties is extended to such areas.

All the feedback and responses from the website will be treated through the normal business feedback process and reviewed for intervention. This by no means provide a direct acceptance of any liability that is caused by use of the website.

Any third party link within the website, Ecstacy Limited, takes no responsibility of the information thereof form the link.

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