110mm Paper Cupcake Cases

110mm Paper Cupcake Cases

110 mm White Swirl
110 mm Flower
110 mm Plain White
110 mm Pastel
110 mm Mosaic
110 mm Tapestry

100 Pcs per Packet

500 Pcs per Packet



Cupcake Cases, Muffin Cases, Cupcake Holders, Muffin Holders, Cupcake Wrappers, and Baking Cases wedding cases in Nairobi Kenya, Homemade cupcakes.  Made of recyclable disposable paper material particularly effective for weddings, birthdays, and shop retail. These cupcake cases look extremely elegant and bake well. Available in different sizes from mini cupcake to large  muffin cases

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-Heavy duty cases
-Beautiful designs
-Packing for home and industrial baking

Recyclable paper 100%

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